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Santa Fe Memories

Summary of Santa Fe Memories

Santa Fe Memories A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys Santa Fe (and its marvelous restaurants), this lavishly illustrated 80-page book is highlighted by signature recipes from 17 of the area's top restaurants, including SantaCafé, La Casa Sena, Guadalupe Café, The Old House, La Choza, The Pink Adobe, Pasqual's, and Coyote Café. Richard wrote the accompanying text, which describes Santa Fe's unique history, New Mexico's renowned cuisine, and colorful anecdotes pertaining to each restaurant. Award-winning Santa Fe artist Betty Carlson contributed the original oil paintings reproduced on the pages of this well-designed book, which was printed in Italy and released in 2002.

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Excerpt from Santa Fe Memories

The key ingredient in New Mexico's indigenous cuisine can be summed up in a single word: chile, spelled with an "e." In Santa Fe, as in the rest of the state, the use of spicy chile peppers is so common that the state legislature has designated an official state question-"Red or green?"-that refers to a diner's preference for red or green chile. (Red tends to be milder than green; ask for "Christmas" and you'll get some of each.) The chile has been the official "state vegetable" since 1965, though this member of the capsicum family is actually a fruit. Long strings of dried chiles, called ristras, hang within arm's reach in many New Mexican kitchens... [p. 45]

Reviews of Santa Fe Memories

"A lovely little book filled with information on Santa Fe's history and culture as well as recipes from favorite restaurants. Santa Fe Memories makes a great holiday gift, but you might want to buy two copies since you'll want to read this book and try the recipes yourself."

-Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper


"A beautifully done book with original oil paintings by Betty Carlson and recipes from over 15 of the best-loved restaurants in Santa Fe. What I liked best were writer Richard Mahler's vignettes-both historical and personal-of some of my favorites. It makes a perfect gift for a fellow foodie who shares your love of Santa Fe."

-Local Flavor magazine


"This sweet volume is a delightful introduction to the sights and tastes of Santa Fe. It makes a perfect gift for the out-of-towner who longs for a bit of New Mexican flavor."

-Albuquerque Crosswinds Weekly newspaper


"This little gift book is a charming one. Carlson's paintings capture such scenes as a colorful garden against adobe walls, the Loretto Chapel, a cave at Bandelier National Monument, and a clay pot full of blossoms. The text, after a bit of background, focuses on 'The Many Tastes of Santa Fe'-notably restaurants ranging from La Plazuela at La Fonda to the SantaCafé to La Casa Sena...

Santa Fe Memories makes a handy item to take home-a useful memento."

-New Mexico magazine


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