Richard is an independent journalist who has contributed thousands of articles to hundreds of websites, publications, and radio programs. His interviews have been heard on CBS Radio, NPR, CBC Radio and EarthNotes. Newspapers carrying his by-line have included the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Christian Science Monitor, Albuquerque Journal, and Toronto Globe & Mail. Richard's past stories have appeared in Outside, Southwest Art, Utne, New Mexico, Alternative Medicine, Yoga Journal, and Body & Soul. He currently contributes regularly to New Mexico Journey magazine.


Richard is a commentator on people, culture, and current events, whose work appears on blogs and websites, in newspapers and magazines, on radio and in opinion pages. His newspaper columns have included "Southwest Storylines" (Desert Exposure), "My Secret Place" (New Mexico), "Letter from Santa Fe" (Crosswinds), and "Un Poco de Todo" (Albuquerque Journal North).


Richard is a media consultant who helps individuals, businesses, and organizations meet their communications needs. His services include writing, editing, publishing, graphic arts, web design, photography, layout, and production. Clients have included the Belize Tourist Board,, Gila Resources Information Project, William James Association, Mindful Living Programs, Utne magazine, Upaya Institute, Susan Ives Communications, and various authors and artists.


Richard is an editor whose portfolio includes projects for the Quivira Coalition, Trust for Public Land, Vallecitos Mountain Refuge, Conservation Fund, John Muir Publications, Sierra Press, Stony Creek Publications, and Native Peoples magazine.


Richard is a fiction writer who draws on life-long experience as a world traveler, journalist, disc jockey, teacher, amateur naturalist, music lover, dancer, author, and spiritual explorer.


Richard is a human being who believes in embracing life fully, in the present moment and with ongoing curiosity and enthusiasm. He has taught mindfulness-based stress reduction, helped teens learn radio production, climbed mountains, explored great cities, navigated whitewater rapids, snorkeled reefs, kayaked oceans, traversed jungles, sat in meditation, played the baritone ukulele, and interviewed hundreds: politicians, movie stars, musicians, Nobel laureates, soldiers, artists, inventors, criminals, moguls, scientists, kids, elders,healers, chefs, doctors, lawyers, and tribal chiefs—among others.

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