Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.

— César Chávez

A sampling of fiction written by Richard Mahler . . .


Click here to read the first chapter of How I Found the Best Sex Ever: A Sara Strong Mystery, published in May 2013 by Relham LLC. You can purchase e-book and paperback versions of this sensuous 260-page novel by clicking here.


• a short story set in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest. This was entered in a contest that required writers to include at least one Native American and one non-Native character as well as a theme involving some aspect of traditional Native American culture. The tale is set in the Mesa Verde area of Colorado.


• a children's parable written with my friend Dorjee Gyaltsen, a Tibetan artist and entrepreneur whom I taught English when he relocated from northern India to New Mexico during the mid-1990s. Dorjee is now a successful businessman in Santa Fe.


• a story set in Quito, Ecuador, where I studied Spanish for a month in 1991. Any similarities between me and the protagonist are purely coincidental.


• the first chapter of an unpublished novel entitled Site Q, which draws on my fascination with the ancient civilizations of both Meso-America and the American Southwest. As the author of many editions of travel guidebooks to Guatemala, Belize, and New Mexico, I wanted to offer something that incorporated observations not easily included in a non-fiction work.


• the opening of a short story written during the four years I lived in downtown Santa Cruz, California. This was fun. And, as the great philosopher Dr. Seuss noted, "fun is good."

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