Treeless spaces uncramp the soul.

 — Mary Austin 

Harvesting Gold: Thomas Edison's Experiment to Re-invent American Money is one several books Richard has edited, designed, and published, most recently under his Relham LLC imprint. Other examples of his book-length editing include Secrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer and Tending the Earth, Mending the Spirit, both co-authored with Connie Goldman, as well as Plane Truth, a manuscript edited for Riki Stevens, and Heart of Magic, prepared for Caryl Say.


The quarterly newsletter of the Gila Resources Information Project is a good representation of work done for non-profit organizations. In the case of Get A GRIP, Richard writes and edits articles, takes photos, secures other artwork, and does layout and design, as well as prepare the 8-page product for distribution via the Internet and hard-copy printing. In the past Richard has edited newsletters for the Association of Independents in Radio, eMindful, The Food Brigade, Northern California MBSR Teachers Group, Peace Talks, Richartz Fliss Clark & Pope (Belize Tourist Bureau), and the University of Wisconsin News Service.


A variety of marketing materials are in Richard's portfolio, including an innovative and interpretive map, produced with Susan Ives Communications on behalf of the Sonoma County (California) Agricultural Preservation and Open Space Land Use District. With Susan, Richard also assisted in writing and editing newspaper inserts, annual reports, and magazine articles on topics related to the environment. For various health professionals, teachers, authors, artists, and businesses he has helped to create and to edit brochures, CD descriptions, advertising copy, and websites.


Richard's magazine editing has included employment as an associate editor for Indian Artist magazine and as a contract copy editor for the Native Peoples magazine. He was also for two years the Los Angeles bureau chief for Electronic Media magazine, where Richard edited the work of a full-time reporter and various freelancers. During the preceding five years he served in a similar capacity for Broadcasting & Cable magazine.


On a contract basis, Richard has edited chapters of books and book proposals for John Muir Publications, Avalon Travel, Sierra Press, and Stony Creek Publications as well as individual authors.


Clients for whom Richard has edited transcripts of meetings, retreats, and conferences include The Conservation Fund, Quivira Coalition, Trust for Public Land, Upaya Institute, and Vallecitos Mountain Ranch. He has provided edited transcripts or summary reports to sponsoring organizations.


For many years (1969-1995), Richard was an editor, news reporter, and producer in radio, associated with various radio stations, networks, and syndication firms, including NPR, CBS, and the Public Affairs Broadcast Group.


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