The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.

 — Albert Einstein 

     I live in a small, arts-and-mining-oriented town in the mountains of southwestern New Mexico. It is well off the beaten path—surrounded by 3+ million acres of public land and virtually straddling the Continental Divide—which is how I like it. Take a peek at some of the extraordinary landscapes, plants, and animals I live near by viewing some of my photos via the Images page.


     And, no, I'm not related to Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), the famous Austrian classical music composer. My "Mahler" ancestors came to the U.S. in 1881 from Germany's Hanover province, settling eventually in suburban Chicago. You can learn plenty about Gus (below, on right) here, or through the Gustav Mahler Society of New York.


     The ancestry of my late mother, Mary Vencill Curnutte, is a polyglot of 18th-century French, Scot, Irish, English, Norwegian, Dutch, German, and Basque origins. Mom was born and raised in Texas, where I was born in 1951.


     Looking for other Richard Mahlers? There are plenty of us! Find the deceased director of pornographic movies (real name Roger Watkins), the Manhattan endocrinologist specializing in diabetes, the financial advisor on Staten Island, the family law mediator in Australia, and the U.S. Navy veteran with self-illustrated memoirs posted on-line. I don't sell real estate in Pennsylvania, distribute earth-moving equipment in Canada, play professional sports, practice law, attend college in Florida, run for Congress in the Carolinas, get dismissed from juries in Wisconsin, or teach school Down Under. But we're an impressive lot, aren't we?


     Let me hear from you! (Maybe we can start an International Richard Mahler Society.)


© Content copyright 2015 by Richard Mahler. All rights reserved.

© Content copyright 2015 by Richard Mahler. All rights reserved.