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A New Mexico-based writer, editor, publisher, media consultant, and photographer whose work is distributed via books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, radio, and the Internet. His publishing website is

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be . . .The people cannot be safe without information. Where the press is free and every man [and woman] able to read, all is safe.


— Thomas Jefferson

Recent Photography


See the latest photos from Richard's ongoing surveys of New Mexico flora and fauna by scrolling through the Wildlife tab under the Images page. Recognizing his work in monitoring backcountry wildlife camera traps, Richard was named Volunteer of the Year for 2014 by the Wildlife Land Trust of the Humane Society of the United States.

Recent Non-Fiction Book


The Jaguar's Shadow: Searching for a Mythic Cat, published by Yale University Press. Read reviews, a synopsis, and an excerpt of this critically-acclaimed 359-page non-fiction hardback at, or buy a copy here. Learn about Richard's quest to see a jaguar in the wild, as he travels between Arizona and South America.

Recent Fiction Book


How I Found the Best Sex Ever: A Sara Strong Mystery, published by Relham. Read a synopsis and reviews of this 251-page paperback on the Books page, or purchase a copy here. This bawdy tale of a celebrity gone missing and a female love potion found begins in Los Angeles, but soon shifts to America's desert Southwest and the jungles of Guatemala.

Recent Publishing Project


Cloak and Jaguar: Following a Cat from Desert to Courtroom, written by Janay Brun, with editing and interior design by Richard, was published in October 2015 by his Relham LLC. This disturbing 386-page memoir by whistleblower Brun describes the botched, illegal snaring of the only wild jaguar in the US—and how government conservation agencies were let off the hook in the subsequent tragic death of Macho B. Buy a copy or read more here.


Recent Journalism Project


Valles Caldera Opens Up, broadcast during September 2015 as part of the ongoing Earth Notes public radio series. Learn about New Mexico's landmark swath of diverse high-elevation forests and rolling open meadows that sprawls across 89,000 acres, closed until recently to most public access. The National Park Service takeover of Valles Caldera management is described in Mahler's story here. For over 14 years Richard has contributed regularly to Earth Notes, which airs on KNAU Flagstaff and KUNM Albuquerque, among others.

Recent Newsletter


Get A GRIP is the quarterly 8-page newsletter of the Gila Resources Information Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, nurturing, and protecting human communities and natural resources (including the Gila River) in southwestern New Mexico. Edited, designed, and partially written by Richard, read the Summer 2015 issue here.

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